Our dream came true.

We brought you Y-3 products.

  • Courageous
  • Surprising
  • Impressive
  • Different
  • Innovative
  • Y Stands for Yohji Yamamoto
  • - Signifies the bond between the two
  • 3 Represents adidas' three signature stripes

Yohji Yamamoto

  • "Rebellion. I live my life by it."
  • "I think that my men's clothes look as good on women as my women's clothin... When I started designing, I wanted to make men's clothes for women."
  • "I only see the faults, flaws, the imperfections. That attracts me."
  • "Colour disturbs people."
  • "With Y-3, we gave a view to the future."
  • "I wanted to protect the clothes themselves from fashion"
Yohji Yamamoto

Our path to Y-3

Having the privilege of selling Y-3 is a dream for many resellers, but it is not an easy journey. Hard work, a passionate team of people, the most original sneaker store in the Czech Republic, multiple meetings with local and global headquarters from adidas and a touch of luck all led to it. We have waited a long time and we are truly delighted. Footshop is now one step closer to being the world's top sneaker store and has marked Prague on the fashion map.